Lennox® Mini-Split Systems

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It’s not strange to have to find an HVAC solution for one or two spaces in your family’s home, specifically add-on areas built without ductwork.

Lennox® mini-split systems in Crystal and Twin Cities, Minnesota, can help out your difficult rooms. These systems blend in with almost-noiseless comfort and a small footprint.

Smooth inverter technology gives dependable home comfort, eliminating temperature swings and the stops and starts of usual HVAC.

A ductless mini-split system is more secure, more useful and energy efficient than a window air conditioning system.

Select units are ENERGY STAR® eligible, creating heating and cooling that won’t ruin your budget. With our utility rebate appraisal, we can help you find out if your new system qualifies you for further energy allowances.

Whether you want mini-split heat pumps or ductless mini-split ACs, our heating and cooling team can help you find the right unit for your space’s precise requirements. Phone us at 763-535-2000 to find out your options now.

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Lennox Mini-Split Systems Brochure

Lennox Mini-Split Comparison Guide

Lennox® mini-split systems offer year-round comfort and performance. Energy-efficient operation and easy installation make mini-split systems a perfect fit for any environment. Click to download our current Lennox mini-split systems brochure.

4 Benefits of Mini-Split Installation

Lennox Mini Split system
A mini-split model can offer a selection of advantages for your rooms, like:
  1. Serious energy efficiency—Mini-splits are ranked as one of the most economical HVAC solutions.
  2. Regulate temperature in any area in your place—Mini-splits are made for adding comfort to home extensions and places without ductwork, such as garages. In colder places, some Lennox mini-split heat pumps can work in temperatures as frigid as -22°F.
  3. Quiet and protected—Window air conditioning units are not quiet and can leave your space vulnerable to pests, weather and invaders. Mini-split models are nearly silent and more protected. Compact outdoor and indoor wall-mounted mini-split units come together through a small hole in the wall.
  4. Personalized comfort—A single outdoor unit can support up to five individual zones. You then utilize a remote control to designate the desired temperature in each zone.

Our Team Can Help You Select the Proper Mini-Split Model for Your Home

Call us at 763-535-2000 or contact us online to learn how a mini-split system can add comfort to rooms that are hard to heat or cool. Our certified pros can help you choose the proper unit for your bottom line and unique needs.

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