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Keep your home cool and comfortable with GV Heating & Air’s premium air-conditioning systems and services. We carry and service the top brand names you trust, including Amana, Carrier and Lennox. Our whole-house air conditioners keep your house at a comfortable temperature and remove the humidity from your indoor-air quality for an added degree of comfort.

Staying Cool Pays for itself with an Efficient Central-Air Conditioning.

With central-air conditioning, you can save up to 60 percent on your energy bills. Even if your home’s air conditioner is only a few years old, it could be terribly inefficient by today’s energy-efficiency standards. Installing a new, high-efficiency cooling system can actually pay for itself within a relatively short time in the form of energy savings. Your air-conditioning system measures cooling efficiency by a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER rating, which tells you how your central-air unit uses electricity. In general, the higher the SEER rating, the less electricity your whole-house air conditioner uses to cool your home. The typical SEER rating of central-air-conditioning units made before 1992 is approximately 6.0. The minimum SEER rating has been raised to 13, and, effective 2010, R-22 Freon will no longer be used in the U.S. for air-conditioning systems.
Contact GV Heating & Air today to learn about our selection of high efficiency air conditioners for your home or allow us to help get your current air conditioner running at peak performance.
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