Golden Valley’s Whole-Home Humidifiers: The Dryness Cure

When outside air is heated, its relative humidity plummets, stripping moisture from the air; your skin and body; and wood furniture, fixtures and floors. Did you know that the recommended relative humidity is 35 percent, but the average heated home only reaches 13 to 16 percent? Lennox HCWB17Even the Sahara Desert (25 percent) and Death Valley (23 percent) have higher humidity levels.
Whole-House Humidifiers from Aprilaire are the most efficient, low-maintenance systems for air-moisture control in your home. These air humidifiers give you more humidity control to reach the recommended relative-humidity level. No matter the type of home you have, there’s an Aprilaire unit designed specifically for you, so contact Golden Valley for an estimate or money-saving offers.

Get Humidity Control

Our line of house humidifiers now includes the first automatic humidifiers that generate up to 50 percent more air moisture to assure greater comfort and health, as well as preservation of your possessions. Aprilaire with Auto-Trac means not having to adjust a manual humidistat ever again; this exclusive Aprilaire feature monitors the outdoor temperature and automatically adjusts the whole-home humidifier so that it always provides the ideal relative humidity in your house.

The principle behind Aprilaire’s house humidifiers is simple: Humidity is added to the dry air coming from your heating system, then distributed throughout your home through ventilation ducts. As a leading humidity-control unit, Aprilaire’s automatic humidifier does not distribute mist or droplets, which can carry impurities, because water is converted to pure vapor form. These units are nearly maintenance free, featuring a flow-through design that eliminates the need to fill, drain or clean any reservoirs. Simply set the air-moisture control to a comfortable level, and Aprilaire will automatically adjust the humidity in your house. It’s an easy, effective way to distribute humidified air to every room.

Why Buy an Air Humidifer?

  • Comfort: Eliminates dry noses and throats, remedies itchy skin and reduces static electricity.
  • Well-being: Helps repel upper-respiratory problems caused by dry air.
  • Preservation: Protects your home and furnishings from damaging shrinkage caused by dryness.
  • Energy savings: Reduces heating costs because you’ll feel warmer at lower temperatures.
  • Water conservation: Use less than $15 of water, per heating season.


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